• Inclusive Leadership Expert

    Speaking to help organizations realize the power of inclusion.

  • Inclusive leadership expert Torin Perez is on a mission to help organizations realize the power of inclusion. As a passionate speaker and masterful facilitator, Torin uses his uplifting perspective and engaging style to inspire people to take personal responsibility in building workplace inclusion. He believes that when this happens, organizations can unlock the potential of diversity, open the doors to innovation, and create safe space for all to belong and thrive. CLICK HERE FOR INTERACTIVE PREZI SPEAKER KIT



  • How often are you asked to dance? Verna Myers once said "DIVERSITY is being invited to the party. INCLUSION is being asked to dance." The days of checking the box when you complete a diversity training are over. Torin is refreshing the diversity & inclusion conversation and creating experiences for people to have fun while getting serious work done. Torin uses stories, insights from psychology, and interactive audience participation to do what is most important: make inclusion matter to everyone.


  • Do you realize that you can be the change? Torin's mentor is Frances Hesselbein, former CEO of the Girl Scouts of the USA, awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her contributions as a pioneer for women, diversity and opportunity. She inspires him to be a catalyst for people on the journey to becoming inclusive leaders. Torin shares stories and makes a personal call to action for each of us to realize our potential to inspire positive change within ourselves, our workplaces, and the world.



  • "To serve is to live," my personal leadership philosophy, is no foreign language to Torin Perez. I strongly believe that Torin's life will be an example to others for what is possible when one strives to make a positive impact, and commits to the greater good.

    Frances Hesselbein, Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient, Recognized as one of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders in 2015

  • Thank you for being such a champion of the why. Continue on to inspire lots and lots and lots of people!

    Simon Sinek, Leadership Expert & Author, Start With Why

  • It takes a special talent to be able to speak to a large group and simultaneously speak to every individual in the room. I felt like you were speaking directly to me. This was the highlight of this conference.

    Advisor, World Bank, Shape Africa Conference 2015