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    We needed someone who could take big concepts like interrupting biases and inclusion and diversity and make them approachable, applicable, and attainable for every employee. This is a very large order when your employee base is over 2,000 people globally. Torin was a perfect fit for us as he matched his delivery and content to our audience and met them where they were on the topics. Employees left feeling energized to build an inclusive culture in their workplace.” – Cisco 

    FEATURED: Inclusive Leadership, Antiracism, and YOU

    Featured in Forbes as an Anti-racism Educator Your Company Needs Now, Torin will inspire you and your organization to transform the fierce urgency of this moment into a movement for racial justice. Beyond company statements denouncing systemic racism, the opportunity is here now to define your position and truly stand for Black lives.

    Inclusive Leadership: Break Bias, Lead Now 

    Torin’s definition of leadership is becoming your best in the service of others. This talk weaves together stories, psychology, and actionable ideas that will inspire you to become the inclusive leader that your workplace needs. You will walk away energized with a fresh perspective to recognize bias and lead from where you are, regardless of your rank, title, or role.

    Authentic Leadership: Thriving With Authenticity 

    Research shows that authenticity is key to individual success, but most organizations are struggling to create environments where employees can be their authentic selves at work. This talk will inspire introspection and action as Torin shares his key principles for leading authentically in the workplace and courageously building an inclusive organization where authenticity can thrive.

    Finding the Power of Your Unique Voice

    Torin believes that we all have stories to tell, but conventional wisdom prevents most of us from realizing our potential as storytellers. Using insights garnered from coaching TED Residents whose talks have received millions of views on TED.com, Torin shares his blueprint for you to find the power of your unique voice, tell your story effectively, and connect with people in a memorable way.